i‘m just a hobby photographer.

by luck and my profession, i‘m travelling around the globe.

as i can‘t remember all the views i‘m allowed to enjoy, i‘m trying taking a camera with me - thus the pics are not solely burnt into my brain - i can share them with friends

and it‘s not only about travelling around the globe - just outside the door of my appartment starts the 
wide, wild, world!

have a look, i hope you enjoy it!

and thanks to my late grandmother
 - herself professional photographer, having started in the early twenties -
who gave me a nice camera to my fifteenth birthday, a rollei s35.
i hope i herited a little bit of her view how to transform views into pictures.


this is a very first step in publishing - more to follow soongear.htmlgear.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

happy day with helma and walter

rio de la plata off buenos aires, argentina