it‘s not about the gear!
it‘s about your way of seeing the world and transmit it
the right gear will ease som ethings, but is no substitute to your fantasy

i started taking photos with a rollei s35, nice, small, excellent at that time (mid of seventies)

presently i use nikon d90

lenses i use:
nikkor af-s  50/1.4
nikkor af 85/1.8
nikkor af 180.2.8
nikkor af-s  17-55/2.8
tokina af 11-16/2.8

as a compact cam j have the canon s95 in my pocket

flashes i use:
nikon sb 400 when travelling, nikon sb 900 for portraits together with metz af58-1 and metz af48-1
nikon creative lightning system is just awesome

as film camera  i‘m using leica minilux as well as nikon f80 

additional lenses i use with the f80:
nikkor af 28/2.8
sigma af 20/1.8

and very few times i use my old nikon f301 with nice portrait zoom
tokina mf 60 - 120 /2.8

as compact digital camera i used to use canon powershot g1, g2, s80
(in digital compact cameras, canon was ahead of nikon)

as compact film camera i used to use nikon tw zoom 105 - which i loved a lot, but which was stolen
(but you‘ll find plenty of pix on this website taken with that camera)

earlier film cameras were nikon f301, which i still own, and nikon f60, my first autofocus camera
the yashica with lens 1.7/50 mm was stolen in 1980, unfortunately. was my first slr